William H. Brazier 
Location served:
North Buxton  
Years in Practice:
Prior to 1850 to After 1861
Area of Specialization:
Family Physician  


Dr. William H. Brazier was married to Margaret A. Dewling in Baltimore Co., Maryland, U.S.A. on the 28th of February, 1843.  He was known to be practicing medicine in New Garden Twp., Wayne Co., Indiana according to the U.S. census in 1850.  At the time he was 55 years old, Margaret was 26 years old and they had a 1 year old son named Edward.  That census also records that Dr. Brazier was born in South Carolina, his wife Margaret was born in Maryland and their son was born in Louisiana.

Dr. Brazier and his family moved to Canada prior to 1857 and settled in Buxton, (Raleigh Twp), Chatham-Kent.  The 1861 Canadian Census lists Dr. Brazier as living in Raleigh Twp and working as a physician.  Also listed is his wife Margaret, their son Edward Brazier, now 13, a 5 year old son named George O. Brazier who was born in the United States and a daughter Charlotte A. “Victoria” Brazier, who was 4 years old and born in Canada.

Not long after the 1861 census was completed, Dr. Brazier moved to St. Mark, Hayti (Haiti).  In 1865, Dr. Brazier, his wife Margaret and his children Edward, George and Victoria were living in Boston, Massachusetts.  It appears that Dr. Brazier ceased to practice medicine while living in Boston.  According to the 1865 census, Dr. Brazier’s occupation was listed as a labourer.