Submit a Physician

If you know of a physician who should be included in this site, please contact us with more information.  We would be more than happy to hear from you, and work with you to create a biography about the physician you submit. Please note that the physician you are suggesting must;

  1. Be no longer practicing medicine
  2. Have practiced in Chatham-Kent for a minimum of five years

For each physician included in this site, we would like to include in their biographies such information as their:

  1. Location and date of birth
  2. Education information
  3. Field of medicine
  4. Years spent practicing medicine in Chatham-Kent
  5. Location of medical practice in Chatham-Kent
  6. Location of any medical practices outside of Chatham-Kent
  7. Date of retirement
  8. Hobbies, interests, clubs

We would also like to include a photograph of each physician.

Upon submission, the Chatham-Kent Physician Team would like to be able to contact you to confirm the information provided.  As such, we ask that you provide either a phone number, or an e-mail address, so that we may be able to reach you.  We thank-you for your interest in the Chatham-Kent Physician Tribute.



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