George “Elliott” Woodford 
Location served:
Merlin, Tilbury  
Years in Practice:
1913 to Prior to 1967
Area of Specialization:
family Medicine  


Dr. George “Elliott” Woodford was born in St Thomas, Ontario on the 6th of October, 1888.  Dr. Woodford was the 3rd of 4 children born to George Edward Woodford and the former Barbara Jane Anderson.  His father was a locomotive engineer and his siblings were; Pearl May Woodford (born 1883), William Fulton Woodford (born 1886) and Sarah Fern Woodford (born 1893).  In 1911, the Woodford family resided on Fifth Avenue in St Thomas.

Dr. Woodford was educated in St Thomas prior to attending the University of Western Ontario.  Dr. Woodford graduated M.D. in 1913.  An article that was published in the St Thomas Daily Times on the 9th of May, 1913 reported that Dr. Woodford’s marks had been exceptional and he had been awarded a diploma based on an appraisal of his marks by 3 examiners in his clinical studies.  Dr. H. A. McCallum and Dr. J. A. MacGregor each awarded Dr. Woodford 35 marks and a third examiner, Dr George Wilson had awarded Dr. Woodford 62 marks for his clinical studies.  The average of the 3 examiners marks would be 44, enough marks to graduate with honors.  It was alleged that only 35 marks were awarded to Dr. Woodford by Dr. Wilson.  Legal action was brought forward but eventually the matter was resolved, with Dr. Woodford receiving his deserved accreditation.  Dr. Woodford interned at St Joseph’s Hospital in London.

Dr. Woodford began practicing medicine in the communities of Merlin and Tilbury within Chatham-Kent in the latter half of 1913.  His name appears on a number of birth and death records.

Dr. Woodford married Erma Margaret Mickey on the 29th of May, 1917 in Detroit, Michigan.  Mrs. Woodford was born in Saginaw, Michigan on the 11th of February, 1893.  She was the eldest of 3 children born to George Mickey and the former Mary Lange.  Mrs. Woodford’s father was a machine operator at a sawmill.  Her siblings were Raymond John Mickey and another little brother who was born and died in 1899.  In 1910 the Mickey family resided at 1422 Lapeer Ave., in Saginaw.

The following month after his marriage, Dr. Woodford was drafted on the 5th of June 1917 into the United States Army during WWI. His home address listed on his draft card was 33 Davenport Street in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr. and Mrs. Woodford had 3 children; George Elliott Woodford Jr., James William Woodford and Mary Woodford.  Dr. Woodford’s office location appears in numerous Detroit Business Directories.  From 1919 -1923 his medical office was located in the David Whitney Bldg.

Dr. and Mrs. Woodford moved to Hartford, Connecticut and according to the Hartford City Business Directory of 1928, Dr. Woodford’s medical office was located at 60 Arnoldale Road and the family resided at 55 Elm.  Dr. Woodford was now working for the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company.

In 1930, the Woodford Family moved to 234 S. Ridgewood Road in New Jersey.  Dr. Woodford was drafted into the United States Navy during WWII.  At the time of his enlistment, he was residing at 463 Lenox Ave., in South Orange, New Jersey.

In 1933, Dr. Woodford was appointed as the Medical Director of the Home Life Insurance Company of New York.  His office was based in New Jersey.

On the 27th of April, 1942, Dr. Woodford was drafted into the United States Military.  When he was drafted, Dr. Woodford listed his address as 463 Lenox Ave. S., in Orange, New Jersey.

Dr. George Elliott Woodford died at Overlook Hospital in Summitt, New Jersey on the 24th of May, 1954.  Mrs. Woodford died in Plainfield, New Jersey in September of 1975.  Dr. and Mrs. Woodford are buried at the Pluckemin Presbyterian Church New Cemetery in New Jersey.

*Dr. John Alexander MacGregor also appears on the Chatham-Kent Physician Tribute website.

**Mrs. Woodford’s brother Raymond Mickey served with the United States Armed Forces during WWII.