Shigeru Sugiyama 
Location served:
Years in Practice:
1965 to 1997
Area of Specialization:
Family Medicine  


Born in Vancouver, British Columbia on July 8, 1931, Dr. Shigeru Sugiyama was the son of Yasutaro and Chiyo (Kageshita) Sugiyama. He had 7 siblings; Noriko, Peter, Sally, May, Semiko, Toky and Kiyoshi.

Dr. Sugiyama received his early education at the MacDonald School in Vancouver, and from 1942 to 1946 he attended a camp school in Tashme, British Columbia.  Following World War II, the Sugiyama family moved to Chatham where Dr. Sugiyama enrolled at Chatham Collegiate Institute for high school.

Dr. Sugiyama married Petronella Marlana “Lana” Blommers on the 9th of January, 1956 in Chatham.  Mrs. Sugiyama was born in 1934, the daughter of Robert Blommers and the former Elisabeth DeLaat.  She had 3 brothers, Robert, Martin and Henry and 5 sisters, Annie, Maria, Liz, Marietta and Cathy.

Dr. and Mrs. Sugiyama had 2 children, Robert Arthur Sugiyama and Shigeru Michael Sugiyama.

Dr. Sugiyama began his studies in pre-medical courses at the University of Western Ontario in 1958. He started medical school at the same university two years later, graduating with a medical degree in 1964. He then completed an internship in Grace University Hospital in Detroit.

Dr. Sugiyama returned to Chatham to open a general practice in 1965. His first office was located at 385 Wellington Street. According to the 1967 Vernon’s City of Chatham Business Directory, Dr. Sugiyama and his family resided at 27 Jasper Ave.  In 1979, he moved his practice to 42 Grand Avenue West.

Dr. and Mrs. Sugiyama divorced and Mrs. Sugiyama married Harry VanLeishout.  She died in the Netherlands on the 4th of July, 1985.

While practicing medicine, Dr. Sugiyama held a number of positions on various committees. He served on the Board of the Public General Hospital (PGH), and he was also a lifetime member of the PGH Society.

Dr. Sugiyama retired from his family practice in 1991.  Dr. Sugiyama continued to assist in surgery at the Public General Hospital and covered the medical practices of vacationing physicians until 1997.   After his retirement, Dr. Sugiyama travelled extensively, and enjoyed taking trips in his R.V.

Dr. Sugiyama passed away on February 19, 2007.  He was interred at the mausoleum at Maple Leaf Cemetery, in Chatham.  He was survived by his wife Janet (Couture), and his two sons, Robert and Shigeru.