Russell Donald McAlpine 
Location served:
Years in Practice:
1907 to 1962
Area of Specialization:
Family Medicine  


Dr. Russell Donald McAlpine was born in London, Ontario on the 25th of April, 1885.  Dr. McAlpine was the eldest of 3 children born to Donald McAlpine and the former Lucy Johnson. His father worked for a savings and loans company and his siblings were; Johnson Leitch McAlpine and Kenneth Lorne McAlpine.  Dr. McAlpine was raised and educated in London.

He graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1907. On the 1911 census, Dr. McAlpine was listed as residing in Neustadt, Ontario.  He began practicing medicine in Dresden in 1914.

Dr. McAlpine married Madge Elaine Wiley on the 28th of August, 1919 in Dresden. Mrs. McAlpine was born in Dresden, Ontario on the 19th of September, 1895. She was the 2nd of 5 children born to Dr. John Irvine Wiley and the former Jennie Douglas Whillan.  Her father was a general medical practitioner in Dresden and her siblings were; Harcourt Irvine Wiley, twins Grant Lindsay Wiley and Gertrude Evelyn Lindsay and Mary Belle Elizabeth Wiley.  At the time of her marriage, Mrs. McAlpine was a school teacher.

Dr. McAlpine joined his father-in-law, Dr. John Irvine Wiley in his medical practice in Dresden. The office and residence were located on the north east corner of St. George Street and Queen Street.

Dr. McAlpine was a member of the Sydenham Lodge No. 255 A.F. & A.M.

Dr. McAlpine died at his residence in Dresden on the 14th of September, 1962.  Mrs. McAlpine died at St Thomas Elgin General Hospital on the 25th of June, 1978.  At the time of her death Mrs. McAlpine resided at 399 St. George Street in Dresden.  Dr. and Mrs. McAlpine were buried at the Dresden Cemetery.  They had no children.

*Dr. McAlpine’s father-in-law, Dr. John Irvine Wiley also appears on the Chatham-Kent Physician Tribute website.

**Dr. McAlpine’s brother Johnson Leitch McAlpine served during WWI.

 ***Dr. McAlpine’s brother Dr Kenneth Lorne McAlpine graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1931.  He died in London on the 12th of October, 2002.