George Ruthven 
Location served:
Years in Practice:
1862 to 1867
Area of Specialization:
Family Medicine  


Dr. George Ruthven, was born in Clearville (Orford Township), Ontario in 1836.  Dr. Ruthven was one of 12 children born to Neil Ruthven and the former Sarah Gillies.  His parents were farmers and his siblings included; Nancy, John, Hugh, James, Archibald, Janet, Colin, Duncan and Mary.

Dr. Ruthven graduated M.D. from the University of Michigan in 1862 and he is regarded as the first physician to set up a medical practice in Thamesville. His medical practice was located at the Mayhew Hotel, where he also lived.

Dr. Ruthven was listed in the Kent, Lambton and Essex County Directory and Gazetteer for 1865 (see the ad below) and 1866 as a Coroner for Kent County.

Dr. Ruthven died on October 2nd, 1867 after practicing for only 5 years. He was buried at the Ford Cemetery, 20338 Talbot Line (near Morpeth).

*Dr. Ruthven’s younger brother Dr. Duncan Gilles Ruthven graduated M.D. from Victoria College in 1868 and practiced medicine in Elgin County. Dr. Duncan Ruthven and his wife Isobel “Bella” Lamont had a son born after Dr. George Ruthven died and they named him George.  He too became a physician and practiced medicine in Detroit, Michigan.