Eldon Reginald Tiffin 
Location served:
Merlin, Wallaceburg  
Years in Practice:
1929 to 1963
Area of Specialization:
Family Medicine  


Dr. Eldon Reginald Tiffin was born in Tupperville, Ontario on the 29th of November, 1903.  Dr. Tiffin was the eldest of 4 children born to Sidney Tiffin and the former Laura Adella Fritz.  His parents were farmers and her siblings were; Lois Irene Tiffin, Ruth Tiffin (who died of blood poisoning on the 20th of July, 1911 at the age of 10 months) and Alfred Douglas Tiffin.  Dr. Tiffin attended the Tupperville Public School, Dresden High School and Chatham Collegiate Institute.

Dr. Tiffin obtained his B.A., before attending medical school.  He went on to achieve his M.D.,C.M. from Queen’s University in 1928. Dr. Tiffin interned at Kingston General Hospital and Flushing Children’s Hospital in New York.  His sister Lois became a nurse but she died at the age of 26 of tuberculosis.

Dr. Tiffin started his medical career in Merlin, Ontario. He moved to Wallaceburg, Ontario in April of 1930, when he purchased the medical practice of Dr. Richard Davidson Cowan which was located on Nelson Street.

Dr. Tiffin married Mary Eloise O’Flynn on the 15th of May 1933 in St Mary’s, Ontario.  Mrs. Tiffin was born in Wallaceburg on the 13th of April, 1911.  She was the 4th of 5 children born to Andrew Joseph O’Flynn and the former Sarah Frances Hinnegan.  Her father was a grocer and her siblings were; James “Desmond” O’Flynn, Frances “Elma” O’Flynn, Patrick “Darcy” O’Flynn and Margaret Celestine O’Flynn.  Mrs. Tiffin was a nurse.

Dr. and Mrs. Tiffin had 8 children; Arlyn Joan Tiffin, Terrence Allen Tiffin, Richard Eldon Tiffin, James Warren Tiffin, Mary Gaye Tiffin, Susan Margaret Tiffin, Patricia Anne Tiffin and Jennifer Tiffin.

Dr. Tiffin was a member of the Kinsmen Club in Wallaceburg and he was the President in 1936.

Dr. Tiffin was the Public Health Officer from 1937 to 1938. He was the physician for the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade from 1933 to 1963. He was a medical officer with the N.P.A.N. attached to the Kent Regiment prior to World War II.  During the war, Dr. Tiffin served oversea’s with the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corp.  He achieved the rank of Captain.

Dr. Tiffin was Chairman of the Wallaceburg Police Commission and he served on the Hydro-Electric Commission from 1942 until 1943.  Dr. Tiffin was President of the Wallaceburg Skating Club.  Dr. Tiffin was a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 18 and the United Church.

He was a member of the first Board of Directors of the Windsor Medical Association and he served as the Chairman. He was the President of the Kent Medical Society in 1956. He was appointed District Coroner for Wallaceburg in April of 1956. Dr. Tiffin was a member of the Sydenham District Hospital and he became the first Chief of Staff when the hospital opened in Wallaceburg in 1957.

Mrs. Tiffin died at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario on the 9th of November, 1957.   She was buried at Riverview Cemetery in Wallaceburg.

Dr. Tiffin married Bernice Madeleine Haley on the 15th of August, 1958 in Lambeth, Ontario.  She was born in 1924, the daughter of Maurice Wilson Haley and the former Madeleine Gladys Smith.  Mrs. Tiffin was known to have 2 brothers, LeVerne Haley and Murray Alfred Haley.  She graduated B.ScN from the University of Western Ontario in 1947.

Dr. Tiffin enjoyed yachting and working on his 50 acre farm near Tupperville.  In a tribute that appeared in the May 9th, 1964 edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, it was mentioned that Dr. Tiffin enjoyed imparting gems of wisdom that family and friends called Tiffinisms.  He was also not above pulling the occasional practical joke, especially with his long-time medical partner, Dr. Robert Lauber.

Dr. Tiffin died at the Sydenham District Hospital on the 10th of February, 1963.  He was buried at Riverview Cemetery in Wallaceburg.  After the death of Dr. Tiffin, Mrs. Bernice Tiffin married Dr. Marvin Lee Booth in 1987.  After Dr. Booth died in 1994, she married William Earl Hill some years later.  She died in 2002 and she was buried at Springford Cemetery in Oxford County.

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