David Evans 
Location served:
Years in Practice:
1961 to 2005
Area of Specialization:
Family Medicine  


Dr. David Evans was born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 14th of October, 1937.  Dr. Evans was the son of David and Mary Evans and the brother of Mary and Henry.

Dr. Evans graduated from the University of Glasgow Medical School in 1961.  He started the practice of medicine as a house call doctor in Glasgow.

Dr. Evans married the former Caroline Young.  Mrs. Evans was the daughter of John and Mary Young.  She had 2 sisters, Jennifer and Mary-Margaret.  Dr. and Mrs. Evans had 7 children; David, Jane, Alan, Michael, Gordon, Andrew and Jennifer.

Dr. and Mrs. Evans immigrated to Canada and settled in Chatham, where Dr. Evans had a family medical practice.

Dr. Evans had many interests but he enjoyed spending time with his family, playing the banjo and photography.

Dr. Evans died on the 17th of May, 2020.  His family wrote that Dr. Evans, “led by example and with great personal integrity.”  Mrs. Evans died on the 12th of October 2021.