Charles Richard Charteris 
Location served:
Years in Practice:
1893 to 1916
Area of Specialization:
Family Medicine  


Dr. Charles Richard Charteris was born in Chatham Township, Ontario on the 22nd of July, 1865.  Dr. Charteris was the 6th of 7 children born to Charles George Charteris and the former Elizabeth Baxter.  His father had immigrated from Dumfriesshire, Scotland, in 1846 and his mother had immigrated from England.  Dr. Charteris’ siblings were; Caroline Charteris (who died as a child), Diana Elizabeth Charteris, Charles George Charteris (who died as an infant), Francis Wemyss Charteris, Louisa Harriett Charteris and Frederick George Charteris.  His father was elected as the second mayor of Chatham in 1857 and according to the 1861 census his father was the County Treasurer.

After completing his education in Chatham area schools and graduating from Chatham Collegiate Institute, Dr. Charles Richard Charteris studied medicine at Victoria University and The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.  He graduated M.D.,C.M. in 1887.  He joined the College of Physicians and Surgeons on the 11th of May, 1887.  In 1888 Dr. Charteris, traveled to London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland to further his education in hospitals there.  He returned to Canada in 1889 and set up his medical practice in Florence, (Lambton County) Ontario.

While living in Florence, Dr. Charteris married Margaretta Wade Webster on November 19th, 1890.  Mrs. Charteris was born in Florence (Lambton County), Ontario on the 11th of November, 1866.  She was the eldest of 9 children born to John Webster and the former Isabella Philips.  Her father was a merchant and the post master in Florence and her siblings were; Isaac “Edward” Webster, Mary Edith Webster, William Charles “Charlie” Charteris, twins Elizabeth “Lillie” Webster and George “Walter” Webster, Olive Melrose Webster, John “Ross” Webster and Guy Sterling Webster.  According to the 1871 census, her father was a blacksmith but by the time the 1881 census was taken her father was a merchant/post master.

Dr. and Mrs. Charteris had three children: Gwendolyn Isabella Charteris, Charles Maxwell Charteris and Walter Francis Charteris.

The Charteris family moved to Chatham in 1894 where Dr. Charteris built another successful medical practice. According to the 1896 Chatham City Directory, Dr. Charteris had an office located at 71 Wellington Street in Chatham.

Dr. Charteris was a member of the Ontario Medical Association. Dr. Charteris was appointed physician to the County House of Refuge and the County Jail in January of 1900. Dr. Charteris served on the Chatham Public Library Board.  In April of 1912 he was appointed President of the Library Board of Ontario at a meeting in Toronto.   He was Chairman of the Chatham Board of Health in 1904. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, the Sons of Scotland and the I.O.O.F.  Dr. Charteris was an active member of the Ontario Liberal Association.  Dr. Charteris is listed in the 1900 Business Directory.

Mrs. Charteris was a member of St. Andrew’s United Church and played the piano for the Sunday school.  She belonged to the I.O.D.E., the Women’s Canadian Club and the Brooke Circle of the King’s Daughters.

In 1911, the family lived at 59 Sixth Street in Chatham.  Dr. Charteris is listed in the 1913 Bell Telephone Directory.  His medical practice was located at 61 Sixth Street and his telephone number was 224.

On the 5th of July, 1913 his son Charles Maxwell Charteris drowned at Erieau at the age of 17.  At the time of his death, Charles Maxwell “Max” Charteris was attending The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.  He is remembered in the 1917 edition of the university yearbook “Torontonensis” on Page 80.  The “In-Memorium” tribute states, “Our sympathy in his loss went out to his family and friends, for his special qualifications seemed to peculiarly adapt him for the greatest of professions, where he could have accomplished so much.”  Max Charteris was buried at Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham.

Dr Charteris had a history of heart trouble and he collapsed on the floor of his residence after returning home from a medical call.  Dr. Charteris died on the 25th of November, 1916 at the age of 51.  Mrs. Charteris died on the 21st of December, 1943 at the Public General Hospital in Chatham.  At the time of her death, she resided at 20 Raleigh Street.  Dr. and Mrs. Charteris were buried at Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham.

*Dr. Charteris’ son, Dr. Walter Francis Charteris and his grandson, Dr. Richard Webster Charteris are also featured on the Chatham-Kent Physician Tribute website.  

**Dr. Charteris’ sister, Louisa Harriett Charteris married Dr. James Wright Mustard.  Dr. Mustard also appears on the Chatham-Kent Physician Tribute website.

***Mrs. Charteris’ brother, Guy Sterling Webster served with the United States Military during WWI.