Richard “Ernest” Reycraft 
Location served:
Bothwell, Highgate  
Years in Practice:
1888 to 1894
Area of Specialization:
Family Medicine  


Dr. Richard “Ernest” Reycraft was born in 1866 in Orford Township, (Chatham-Kent).  He was the son of James Reycraft and the former Phillicia Shannon.  Mr. Reycraft owned a shoemaking and shoe repair business in Highgate and he owned 100 acres in Orford Twp.  Mr. Reycraft and his sons cleared the land and farmed it.  Dr. Reycraft had 9 brothers and sisters; Ellen (who died in infancy), George, Sarah, Albert, Ellen, John, Joseph, Minnie and Blanche.

Dr. Reycraft was practicing medicine in the Highgate and Bothwell area of Chatham-Kent by 1891.  At the age of 28, Dr. Reycraft died of Typhoid Fever on the 14th of June, 1894.  He was buried at the Gosnell Cemetery near Highgate.

*Dr. Reycraft’s brother, Dr. Albert James Reycraft, became a Veterinarian.  His brother George graduated from Detroit Medical College in May of 1895.